One on one consultation with attorney Hwang results in most efficient course of action


Elaborate strategy and sophisticated legal service


Actively participate in the representation of client’s rights generating satisfactory results

Family Law

Consultation regarding Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Separation of Property

Civil Litigation

We offer our services on various civil matters


We strive to help our clients achieve financial freedom from debt and collector calls

“3 tips on successfully obtaining a lawyer”

1. Will you be able to communicate with the attorney

2. Will there be strategy/ies specifically catered to your case

3. Is the cost reasonable

Law is something that we are exposed to on a daily basis, however, we face unreasonable and unlawful events due to lack of knowledge in our rights and duties
under the law. Henceforth, I hope to help those in distress by informing them of their rights and duties protected by the law.



  • Why do I need a face to face consultation?

    Each case has its own unique facts and circumstances that needs to be considered to merit accurate assessment of the case. Thus, although phone and/or email consultations are conducted it is in the client’s best interest that we suggest one on one consultation.

  • Once the case begins, how do I communicate with my lawyer?

    You will be able to communicate with your attorney directly via text, email, or call. If for any reason you are unable to get a hold of any one of our office staff or the attorney, we will get back to you usually within two hours or for sure before the end of business day.

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